Making the most of Pakse Laos

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Making the most of Pakse Laos

Ban Tong Night Market Pakse Laos

Making the most of Pakse Laos

Pakse is the most charming and welcoming capital of southern Laos. Places like Bolaven Plateau and the Si Phan Don Islands have made Pakse the second most visited city in Laos. The merging of the Mekong and Sedone rivers further enhances the natural beauty of the city. If you just wish to sit, chill and stare at a magnificent waterfront, take a walk down the colourful markets, enjoy some delicious street food or explore some spectacular temples. That’s what Pakse is famous for! So, let’s look at some of the places where you can make the most out of Pakse.

1. Wat Luang Temple

Wat Luang is the biggest temple in all of Pakse. The temple offers a soothing atmosphere for any visitor. The good news is, this is one of the least visited temples in Laos. So, if you wish to catch a glimpse of a traditional ceremony, the Laotian almsgiving ceremony is something you shouldn’t miss.

2. The Sacred Heart Church

The Sacred Heart Church in Pakse Laos

The Sacred Heart Church in Pakse Laos

Are there many temples in Laos? The answer is yes. So if you are looking for a change of architecture, the Sacred Heart Church is a great place to be. The church may look less impressive from the outside but don’t hesitate to check the interior decorations and paintings.

3. The Silk and Tea Farm

Known as the Mai Sanh Lao farm, this is located just about 10 km outside Pakse. The NGO-run farm provides a livelihood for many disadvantaged families of the surrounding villages. The farm area is covered with pepper, tea plantations, lemongrass, mulberries, pineapples and is worth a visit to learn about the productions. Hiring a tour guide will make the tour more interesting.

4. Pakse Souvenirs

Of course, you may want to take some souvenirs home from your memorable trip. Visit Pakse Souvenirs for the best of southern and northern styles pieces. All the modern furniture, textiles, jewelry, and carvings are designed to blend with the traditional patterns.

5. Ban Tong Night Market

Hit the Ban Tong Night Market to satisfy your midnight cravings! There are no tables or chairs, you just have to walk along and taste this delightful food. Another great thing is, you can suggest how you’d like to have them as they are cooked right in front of you. There are plenty of places by the river where you can sit and enjoy the snacks while they are fresh.
6. The Boat Race Festival in October
This is a must to see if you happen to visit Pakse in October. You can see Pakse’s large boats racing each other along the Xe Don river.

Safety tips

  • Transportation – While travelling around in Laos is an adventure itself, buses and minivans are recommended safe. You will be safe as long as you wear a seat belt.
  • Crimes – The good news is, Laos has a very low crime rate and it is extremely rare against tourists.

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