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How to Travel from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap

How to Travel from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap You may be wondering how to go from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap now that Cambodia is reopening to tourism. There have been some changes in traveling in the last year or two. It has never been simpler to move from one city to another, thanks to amazing new bus companies, the best cab services, and more convenient flights. Continue reading for the most up-to-date information…
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Cambodia Welcomes Back Tourists

Cambodia Welcomes Back Tourists   For the first time since pandemic hit, Cambodia now welcomes back tourists. Even though the country has put strict requirements in place, such as hotel quarantine, it is now possible to revisit Cambodia as a tourist. Getting a Tourist Visa Online Cambodia has currently suspended the visa on arrival. Therefore you need a visa in advance. And we can assist with this. Simple click on the image on the left…
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