Do you want to be a Holiday Houseboy? Read the Job Description below.

A Holiday Houseboy is like a Personal Tour Guide, who knows his city well.

A Holiday Houseboy needs to know about

  • the main places of interest and some historic background
  • where to shop both for high end goods and market bargains
  • where the best places are to eat local food as well as other types of cuisine


A useful source of information is . Check it out.

A Holiday Houseboy is responsible for looking after the safety and welfare of the guest at all times, so it is expected that you help carry the shopping, bargain when and where necessary, and know where to get the best exchange rates.

Qualifications / Our Selection Criteria

1. You must be between 23 and 30 yrs old
2. Have some experience in the tourist sector eg. as a tourist guide or have worked in the hospitality industry (hotel front desk, tourist restaurant…)
3. Be honest, reliable, respectful and have excellent English

How to Apply

Send your curriculum with 5 different photos of yourself to .

Make sure you include the following points:-

1. What you like to be called
2. Your birth date
3. Your whatsapp phone no. or if you do not have a smart phone, at least your mobile no.
4. Your skypename, if possible.
5. Your work experience
6. If you are accepted, what city or cities you wish to cover.

Interviews usually take place online by skype, so it is important to have access to skype as we will want to see and talk to you.

We are always looking for good reliable guys all over the world, especially with local tourist guide experience.

Photo Tips

Make sure you attach at least 5 photos. These should be in landscape format (horizontal), at least 600 pixels x 400 pixels.  Make sure that your photos are a good true representation of yourself, as this helps to sell your services.

Here are some tips on the type of photos we want:-

1. Offer a variety. The best photos are from waist upwards.
2. No sunglasses. This hides your eyes, and most of your face.
3. Avoid being a spot on a landscape. Remember the guest wants to see what you look like.
4. Do not have other people in the photo. The photo is all about yourself, not anybody else.
5. If you have transport, take a photo of this with you next to it.
6. Activity photos tend to be more interesting than straight posing shots. For example including photos of yourself in your normal work place, or doing a specific hobby or activity, can work well.
7. Avoid “silly” photos. These may be funny to you, but the guest may not share your style of humour.

Please note: By sending them to us, and if you have are accepted, you are giving us permission to use and amend them, as we think appropriate, for any advertising material, including the website.


If you are acceptable, please note that the work is sporadic. You only get work if guests book you. Do not leave your current employment on the basis of getting this job.