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Holiday Houseboys

Go on a private tour to fully experience the best of Tabriz. For this use the services of a Holiday Houseboy, your local gay friendly tour guide. He will look after your safety and welfare at all times. Whether you just want to understand the history of the city or just go out in the evening, he will be an invaluable source of information to you. It is a fun way to explore the city.


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Muhammad is studying a Masters in Material Engineering at one of the local universities of technology. However in his free time he has worked as a tour leader since 2017. In fact as a member of couch surfers, he has hosted foreign tourists at home. Ever eager to please, he enjoys showing what his city has to offer. For hobbies he enjoys football and cooking. Like most Iranians, Muhammad also says he likes to drink a lot of tea.

Muhammad is 25 years old, covid vaccinated and does not smoke and speaks English, Azerbaijani and Farsi.

Total cost for the guide services of Neno for a full day of 8 hours = a non refundable deposit of USD 45 by paypal or major credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express) PLUS USD 50 in cash to Muhammad after his services. Total 95 US dollars.

Alternatively for the guide services of Muhammad for half a day of 4 hours = a non refundable deposit of USD 25 by paypal or major credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express) PLUS USD 30 in cash to Muhammad after his services. Total 55 US dollars.

This does not include transport, entrance fees or any food & beverage costs.

How To Book A Holiday Houseboy

To book any of our Holiday Houseboys please go to the enquiry form.

Or send an email to

Alternatively WhatsApp +94-76-630-1069.

Remember a Holiday Houseboy is your gay friendly tour guide who looks after your safety and welfare at all times.

Please note these are guide services and not sexual services.


Our other destination in Iran is Tehran.

Highlights of Tabriz

Bazaar of Tabriz

Bazaar of Tabriz

Tabriz is the capital of the East Azerbaijan Province of Iran. In fact Tabriz is closer to Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, some 530 kms, than it is to Tehran, the capital of Iran, 625 kms. Having said that it is quicker to travel to Tehran than it is to Baku because of the roads and the terrain. Tabriz is the sixth most populous city in Iran with 1.72 million people.

As the city is located in the north east of Iran, its importance grew because of its proximity to the regions of Eastern Anatolia and Caucasus. Sort of the gateway to Europe, linking these regions with central Iran. Interestingly, though in Iran, Azerbaijani is the first language spoken here. And Farsi is the second.
The Bazaar of Tabriz is the major market in the region. On the silk road route, it sells spices, carpets, jewellery and everything in between. A hubbub of people and products it is a World Heritage Site. The World Carpets Council named Tabriz the World’s Carpet Weaving City in 2015. So though it is famous for carpet manufacture, other industries have established themselves here. These include petrochemicals, refineries, machine tools, automobiles, cement production and textiles.

Another facet to Tabriz is its food products. Dried nuts, chocolate and local confectionery make it a stand out even amongst Iranians.

The top tourist attraction in the area is the Kandovan. A small village with cave houses, similar to that of say Cappadocia, in Turkey. It’s stunning. In addition it is only about 1 hour from Tabriz. Tip: try and get a hotel that has a natural hot spa if staying over night.

Another natural landscape are the Colourful Mountains of Tabriz, the Shahgoli Park and Eynali Mount. From the latter you can oversee the city of Tabriz below. Especially beautiful at night.

The Museum of Azerbaijan in Tabriz is the second most important archaeological museum in Iran. It contains artifacts from Islamic and pre-Islamic times. There are three auditoriums, and coins and stamps are highlighted on the first floor. Whilst in the area, visit the Blue Mosque next door. Its other name is the Goey Mosque. Constructed in 1465, the mosque suffered severe damage from an earthquake in 1780. So called Blue Mosque because of the myriad of blue tiles used to cover its dome and walls.

Another highly rated museum is the Qajar Museum. Also known as the Amir Nezam House. Amir Nezam himself was a wealthy politician with many connections. The museum itself highlights Iranian architecture, belongings of Amir Nezam and curiosities from various embassies at the time. The Qajar dynasty was a royal Iranian dynasty from the Qajar tribe that ruled from 1789 to 1925. This dynasty ruled over parts of Azerbaijan and Georgia. These areas were then over ruled themselves by the Russians during the course of the 19th century.

During your trip to Tabriz, you will undoubtedly visit Sat Square. It is the site to catch the metro or bus in the heart of Tabriz. The building used to house the government municipality but nowadays it is a carpet museum with tourist shops selling souvenirs.

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