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Holiday Houseboys

To fully appreciate Lome you need to book a Holiday Houseboy, your private gay friendly tour guide. If you want to see the tourist sites, places off the beaten track or discover new experiences, the Holiday Houseboy is there to help you. He looks after your safety and welfare at all times.


Alfredo is a friendly guy who loves meeting new people and having fun. He will look after your safety and welfare at all times, ensuring you have a safe experience in Lome. If you are looking to visit Lome with a knowledgeable friendly guy, then Alfredo is your guy.

Alfredo is covid vaccinated, a non-smoker and speaks English, French, Ewe and Kotokoki.

Total cost for the guide services of Alfredo for a full day of 8 hours = a non refundable deposit of USD 45 by paypal or major credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express) PLUS USD 50 in cash to Alfredo after his services. Total 95 US dollars.

Alternatively for the guide services of Alfredo for half a day of 4 hours = a non refundable deposit of USD 25 by paypal or major credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express) PLUS USD 30 in cash to Alfredo after his services. Total 55 US dollars.

This does not include transport, entrance fees or any food & beverage costs.

How To Book A Holiday Houseboy

To book any of our Holiday Houseboys please go to the enquiry form.

Or send an email to info@holidayhouseboys.com.

Alternatively WhatsApp +94-76-630-1069.

Remember a Holiday Houseboy is your gay friendly tour guide who looks after your safety and welfare at all times.

Please note these are guide services and not sexual services.


Highlights of Lome, Togo

Voodoo Market in Lome Togo

Voodoo Market in Lome Togo

The capital of Togo is Lome, with a population of about one million people. It has an industrial area with an oil refinery but one of its most important features is its port. This permits next door Ghana to have an extra option for exporting products such as cocoa, copra, coffee and oil palm.

Lome comes form the local language Ewe for “in the alo trees”. An alo tree is a local tree of the region, specifically used for making tooth picks.

Togo is a country that is in the heart of Western Africa. With Ghana to its west, and Benin to its east, it has a small but important coastline. Moreover this coastline is famous for its palm trees which regularly get battered by the winds coming in from the Atlantic.

The most popular tourist site is actually the Grand Marche, a local market which sells clothe and souvenirs and everything in between. However a much more unusual market is the Voodoo Fetish Market. Here you will see dolls, skulls and skins. With strong native beliefs immersed in their culture it is an eye-opener to see how extensive it is.

For culture, you can also visit le Palais de Lome. Set in some botanic gardens, the museum showcases the work of Togolese artists as the complex offers exhibition space as well as serving as a museum and a cultural centre. Indeed the building has its own history. It was first built for the governor’s seat during German colonial rule. Then as the presidential seat. However it was destroyed in riots and was left to ruin in the humid hot climate. Only recently has the building been restored to its former glory and opened with the public’s interests at heart. The entrance fee comes with a knowledgeable guide so visitors can get the most of their visit.

Other museums include the Nation Museum and Musee Internacional du Golde de Guinee.The former consists of two rooms featuring photos and artifacts on voodooo, slavery and other topics. Whereas the later is a private collection of African art.

A visit to the Tamberma villages gives an insight into native construction. The fortified huts are made with clay, with local roofs made from vegetation and commonly referred to as “tatas”.

When it comes to buildings, the Monument de L’Independence is a must-see. However it is fenced off making it difficult to view as it is on a roundabout. Not that easy to park. And another unique building is the Cathedral Sacre-Coeur de Jesus. This small Catholic Church is in the area of the Grand Marche. Beautiful inside, but check out the hidden grotto at the back.

Lome has a variety of things to see and do. With its past history of slavery, and even today’s beliefs in voodoo it is a unique city to visit. Get the most of the experience with a guide for sure.

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