5 Reasons for Visiting Lumbini Nepal

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5 Reasons for Visiting Lumbini Nepal

5 Reasons for Visiting Lumbini Nepal

5 Reasons for Visiting Lumbini Nepal

1. The Birth Place of Buddha is in Lumbini Nepal

Lumbini’s global significance originates from the birth of Siddharta Gautama. Later known as the Buddha, or “Awakened One”. A simple inscription and stone indicate the precise location where Queen Maya Devi held a bodhi tree branch. Thereafter she gave birth to this prince on her way to her palace in Kapilavastu some 2,500 years ago.

2. The Monasteries of Lumbini

Lumbini is well-known for its monasteries all around the world. The Monasteries are not the sole reason why Lumbini is famous. In the centre of this enormous rectangular tract is the Peace Park. Here lies the Maya Devi temple and the sacred pond. Additionally you can find the pillar constructed by Emperor Ashoka.

3. A World Heritage Site

Lumbini is a place of historical, cultural, and religious importance. Consequently UNESCO awarded Lumbini the title of a World Heritage Site in1997.

4. A Pilgrimage Site

Lumbini is one of the four chief Buddhist pilgrimages. In addition to being a sacred destination for Buddhists, it is also a place of prayer for Hindus. Buddha is one of the many manifestations of God Vishnu. Hence Hindus adore Buddha as well.

5. The Tourist Attractions of Lumbini Nepal

Maya Devi Temple

You must pay to enter the Maya Devi Temple complex. Moreover remove your shoes on entry, dress appropriately, and go through a security checkpoint. Being at Lord Buddha’s birthplace, experience the dedication of the pilgrims around you. As a result of all this, you will hopefully feel the spiritual power of this place.

Maya Devi Pond

Maya Devi Pond is close to the Maya Devi Temple. Formed like a square, it has stairs surrounding it. Here you can relax and enjoy some peace with nature. The Maya Devi Pond, also known as Puskarini, was where Gautama Buddha’s mother used to bathe. Lord Buddha took his first bath at this pond. Another sacred site to admire.

The Bodhi Tree

The Bodhi Tree grows in the grounds of Maya Devi. This is directly close to the shrine on the Maya Devi Pond’s banks. This tree is ideal for meditation and chanting spiritual writings. Because of the tranquillity around you, sitting under a tree will immediately cause you to meditate effectively. Moreover the Bodhi Tree is an ancient Peepal tree. Many colourful prayer flags hang from it. As a result of putting the prayer flag on the tree’s branches, many people think their wishes will be granted.

The Lumbini Museum

This museum is located within the Sacred Garden Area. There are almost 12000 relics in the museum. Including religious writings, metal sculptures, Maurya coins, Terra Cottas, stamps, and many more artifacts from the Kushana Dynasty’s history. Currency from all around the globe, which portrays Lumbini, is also displayed at the museum.

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