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Going Greek in Athens Greece

Going Greek in Athens Greece Athens, a historical city rich in culture and charm, provides all you need for an outstanding European city trip. With its old architecture, historical attractions, and dynamic neighborhoods, there will be plenty to keep you entertained during the warm, bright days and cool but active nights. There’s little time to waste when experiencing Athens Greece. Whether you want to dig deep into the city’s heritage or indulge in local food,…
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Freddie Mercury and Zanzibar

Freddie Mercury and Zanzibar Perhaps you didn’t know but Freddie Mercury’s birthplace is in Africa. On the island of Zanzibar! Stone Town An antique structure draws tourists down a short, narrow lane in Zanzibar’s famous Stone Town area. Outside the entrance, faded photographs are tacked, while inside, a gallery of glossy pictures and old newspaper clippings lead to the room’s centerpiece. A black piano with an unusual backstory. That piano was previously played by a…
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Places off the Beaten Track in London England

Places off the Beaten Track in London England Aside from London’s well-known attractions, there are several unusual and hidden locations that you may not have heard of. London provides a diverse spectrum of alternative experiences, from centuries-old jails and cemeteries to marvels of semi-famous street art. If you’ve visited all of London’s well-known attractions you will want to explore what more the city has to offer. Indeed keep reading for amazing things to do off…
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CARTAGENA GAY TOUR GUIDE Holiday Houseboys To fully appreciate Cartagena you need to book a Holiday Houseboy, your local gay friendly tour guide. If you want to see the tourist sites, places off the beaten track or discover new experiences, the Holiday Houseboy is there to help you. He looks after your safety and welfare at all times. It is a fun way to explore a new city. Check out our Cartagena Gay Tour Guide.…
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What to Expect in Chisinau Moldova

What to Expect in Chisinau Moldova Moldova’s capital city is Chisinau. Moldova, a tiny country “trapped” between Romania and Ukraine, has a dismal track record. This is Europe’s poorest nation. Read on to explore what you can expect in Chisinau Moldova. Visit the stunning Nativity Cathedral The Nativity Cathedral, located in Cathedral Park, does not appear to be very remarkable from the exterior. Built in the 1830s in the neoclassical style, the cathedral has had…
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