Greetings from Baku Azerbaijan

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Greetings from Baku Azerbaijan

The Government House in Baku

Greetings from Baku Azerbaijan

Few cities in the world are still off the map, but Baku should be at the top of your “must travel” list.

Baku, which is both cosmopolitan and chaotic at times, has a little bit of everything. Baku, on the western beaches of the Caspian Sea, is the biggest city in the Caucasus. And is rapidly growing.

Keep reading to find out why you should schedule a vacation to Baku right now to eat, sit, stroll, and learn about the cultural hub that is modern-day Baku.

Discover the Art of Azeri Rug-making

The Azeris are proud of their carpet-making heritage. So it’s only natural that there’s a museum dedicated to the woven marvels. The museum includes three levels of stunning craftsmanship and history. Indeed you will discover the variety of purposes of each type of carpet.. There’s even a carpeted moustache cover to safeguard every hipster’s prized facial hair.

Explore the Historic Walled City of Baku Azerbaijan

Baku is as pedestrian-friendly as it gets. Consequently you can easily move around on two feet all day. Take an afternoon stroll in the Old City.  Meander through alleyways and discovering secret alcoves. Head to the promenade for a pre-dinner stroll, where you’ll get a fantastic view of the Caspian Sea. In addition to this, you can admire the new structures springing up along the shore.

Observe the Magnificent Facade of the Buildings

Whether you are an architecture researcher or simply a fascinated wanderer, you can easily spend a day just examining the exteriors of this mosaic-like city. Within a few blocks, you’ll pass through majestic Imperial Russian structures. Then curving lines of the Orient, austere Soviet residential complexes, and extraordinary achievements of contemporary architecture.

Haliyev Center Baku Azerbaijan Caucasus

Take a Trip Down Memory Lane

If you want to learn about this old city, view its most renowned relics and hear Azerbaijan’s stories, then consider the Azerbaijan National History Museum. The palace itself is a cultural monument. Gaji Zeynalabdin Tagiev, a famous philanthropist and lover of the arts, built it towards the end of the 19th century.

Attend a Performance at the Azerbaijan State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre

Nikolai Bayev designed the theater in 1910. This structure is inextricably linked to the history of Azerbaijani opera. It began in 1908 with the first opera in the Muslim East, Leyli and Majnun. Penned by Uzeyir Hajibeyli, he was one of the greatest composers of the twentieth century. The creator of Azerbaijani classical music.

Give yourself a delicious treat

The national drink is tea, with sugar on the side at every serving. Tea is traditionally prepared in an urn called a samovar and served black in little hourglass-shaped cups. With each cup of tea, you’ll most likely be given a pot of jam (along with more sugar) and some sweets. Like the delectable Baku Pakhlava. Also try some sweet nut pie (shekerbura), one of Azerbaijan’s numerous culinary delicacies.

And don’t forget to scale the spiraling stairs of Maiden’s Tower in the medieval walled city for a panoramic view over the capital!

Baku Azerbaijan

Baku Azerbaijan

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