Rivers, Tigers and Tea: Experience the Best of Bangladesh

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Rivers, Tigers and Tea: Experience the Best of Bangladesh

Rivers, Tigers and Tea: Experience the Best of Bangladesh

Bangladesh and its Wonders

A verdant emerald exists in South Asia’s trove of vacationer treasures. It is Bangladesh.  Fearless visitors who are spunky enough to jump into its whirlpool of turmoil, walk its unknown streets and tour its rural hinterlands. From the lavish tropical coastline to its forested slopes. From excited urban areas to quiet tea estates. This under-visited South Asian country offers a rich testing platter of the pleasures of the subcontinent.

For individuals who have an exquisite sense of adventure, here are some of the most ideal approaches to experience this extraordinary vacation. Where you may be the only visitor in town.

Ride the Padma River

A ride on the far reaching Padma River should be the top destination on your bucket list. It is also known as Meghna or Brahmaputra at various points along its course. One of South Asia’s greatest rivers, the Padma is more than 10 km at its widest point. This extraordinary experience of cruising on its limitless waters is best relished on a river adventure from Dhaka to the remote town of Barisal. Moreover you can take the legendary Rocket. A much-revered paddle steamer service that goes back to the mid twentieth century.

Sip a Cup of Tea in Srimangal

Go to the rolling slopes around Srimangal. A sleepy town situated in Bangladesh’s rural upper east. Here you can find several tea homes. They produce a striking and aromatic type of regional tea. Incredibly famous among local people, the brew is mostly served with milk and sugar. However some choose it as a raw imbuement enhanced with spices, like ginger or cardamom. You can request some of this rejuvenating drink at any of the tea shops along Srimangal’s roads. In addition plan a stop in your day’s trip at Nilkantha Tea Cabin. Here you can try a signature seven-layer tea. Each layer has an alternate shading and taste.

Spot Tigers in the Sundarbans

Trimming the southern coastal edges of Bangladesh is the Sundarbansare. It is along sloppy estuarine tracts where some of the greatest subcontinental rivers channel into the Bay of Bengal. These mangrove wildernesses are home to bountiful measures of wildlife. This includes 100 Bengal tigers that meander the patches of ground between the conduits. While the tigers are no doubt elusive, fortunately sightings are conceivable every now and then. So aiming to set out on a couple of days on a boat safari through the delta’s sloppy channels is definitely worth considering. While you’re looking through your binoculars, remember to keep an eye on the colossal saltwater crocodiles. They sunbathe on the banks or merry porpoises making a plunge into the waters around you.

Enjoy Bangladesh with a Local Gay Friendly Tour Guide

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