The Best Places to Shop in Shanghai China

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The Best Places to Shop in Shanghai China

The Best Places to Shop in Shanghai China

The Best Places to Shop in Shanghai China

Shanghai is one of the world’s most wealthy cities. Anything that you can think of is available for purchase here!

Shanghai offers luxury malls, massive quick fashion stores, beautiful handicraft shops, top-notch tailors, inexpensive electronics marketplaces, and practically exact replicas of major brands if you know where to look.

Nanjing Road Shanghai China

Shopping in Nanjing Street

Shopping in Nanjing Street

The 6-mile-long Nanjing Road, one of the world’s longest retail corridors, is the Promised Land of all shopping in Shanghai. Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street, which runs from Chen Yi Square to People’s Park, is not only shopping heaven for visitors searching for premium brands and elite fashion boutiques, but it is also a cuisine paradise. This neighborhood is ablaze with neon lights and more street food than even the most devoted foodie can consume.


Shoppers searching for a taste of high culture in a car-free zone will enjoy browsing the luxury stores in Xintiandi. Moreover Shikumen mansions and contemporary glass facades adorn this upmarket pedestrian strip. At Xintiandi Style Shopping Centre, which is divided into two blocks and filled with luxury retailers and wine bars, you may shop premium labels like Shanghai Tang or trendy Chinese designers like Ban Xiaoxue.

Huaihai Road

Head to Shanghai’s other most famous shopping strip, Huaihai Road, for more high fashion in the Former French Concession. Huaihai Road is a must-visit shopping destination in Huangpu District, with global brands like Louis Vuitton and high-end fashion retailers near Shanghai Times Square. Visitors may reach the street by taking the metro to Middle Huaihai Road Station, which runs between Yanzhong Park and Fuxing Park.

Qiujiang Lu Electronics Market

No vacation to China would be complete without purchasing some electronics. Explore the Qiujiang Lu Electronics Market. Another market where you’ll have to bargain over computer and phone accessories, household appliances, karaoke equipment, and other items. However, the products here aren’t restricted to drones and computers; you can also find antique Chinese albums, foreign medicinal alcohols, sporting gear, and massage equipment.

Yunzhou Curio City

If you prefer antiques to modern items, visit Yunzhou Curio City, one of Shanghai’s few remaining big antique marketplaces. Its seven stories contain furniture, jewelry, jade, and Mao-era antiques. On the first four stories, you may find teapots, wood carvings, furniture, and ceramics. The fifth is for stamps, the sixth for antique coins and banknotes, and the seventh for exhibits.

AP Plaza

Travelers cannot claim to have gone shopping in Shanghai until they have visited at least one marketplace. Indeed if you want to shop for designer brands but don’t have the money, take the subway to the Science & Technology Museum Station and then to AP Plaza’s Xinyang Fashion Market. This well-known “fake” market is the place to go if you want to buy fake handbags, sunglasses, shoes, and watches.

South Bund Fabric Market

Are you put off by industrial fashion? For custom-made clothing, visit Shanghai’s most famous fabric market. The South Bund Fabric Market on Lujiabang Road is well-known for its vast selection of textiles and hundreds of tailors. Silks, chiffons, leathers, and other materials you can find to turn into whatever clothing item you choose.

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