The Markets of Dhaka Bangladesh

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The Markets of Dhaka Bangladesh

The Markets of Dhaka Bangladesh

The Markets of Dhaka Bangladesh

Immerse yourself in Dhaka’s indigenous culture. Take a full-day trip that brings off-the-beaten-path sights like the busy produce and wholesale markets. Take a traditional mode of transportation, a rickshaw, through Old Dhaka to visit the textile and crafts market. Make a pit break for tea and Bakar Khani (a traditional spice biscuit) and tea.

No trip is perfect without that little shopping. Sometimes for ourselves, sometimes for our loved ones. Here is a list of the best spots in Dhaka to experience local and street shopping!

New Market

Dhaka New Market is the city’s oldest retail complex. It is located in the city’s shopping district, alongside Hawkers Market, Gausia Market, Chadni Chalk Market, Balaka Cine World, Nilkhet Book Market, and New Market. Primarily serving the requirements of the Dhaka City population, it also attracts consumers from outside Dhaka.

Moreover New Market is one of cheapest malls. Art materials, literature, clothing, home décor goods, pottery – the variety of products available at this location is extensive. If you enjoy shopping on a budget, you must go!

Banga Bazar

Banga Bazar is a popular shopping destination for both locals and international visitors to Dhaka. This Market sells excess items from several export-oriented clothing mills. It is brimming with well-known brands of clothing that you can purchase at low costs. However be aware that many are second hand and may have major flaws. People of many socioeconomic backgrounds come here to negotiate. This is a noisy and busy environment.

Bashundhara City Shopping Complex

Bashundhara City Shopping Complex

Bashundhara City Shopping Complex

The Bashundhara City Shopping Complex is one of Bangladesh’s largest and most western-style shopping malls. Its sophisticated western-style retail mix is highly popular. Not only for shopping but also for leisure.

This massive shopping center is a 19-story high skyscraper with an area of 191200 square feet that consists of an 8-story pedestal and a 19-story tower. The mall features 2,325 retail establishments with a wide choice of merchandise from major Bangladeshi companies. It also contains cafeterias and a huge gymnasium. In addition there is a multiplex theatre, a top-floor food court, an ice skating rink, a theme park, and Bangladesh’s largest gaming zone.

Gaosia and Chadnichak Market

Gaosia is one of Dhaka’s most well-known and oldest private marketplaces. It has a strong appeal to women in particular. Ladies’ fashion and dressing goods of all kinds are accessible here. It was founded in 1979 by the late Aber Hasan. Covering around 9 acres, this market is split into two halves. One is called Balaka, while the other is Chadni Chak. Chadni Chak has around 930 stores while Balaka has approximately 150 shops.

Noorjahan Market

If you want to shop for the entire family, Noorjahan Market is the place to go. You can get things for the entire family at reasonable pricing. Because they source their items from worldwide suppliers, the quality of their products is similar to that of other shopping malls.

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