Your Bucket List for Kerala India

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Your Bucket List for Kerala India

Periyar Tiger Reserve Kerala India

Your Bucket List for Kerala

Kerala is a small state along the Malabar Coast of India. Other areas that surround Kerala are Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, the Arabian Sea and Mahe. Kerala is beautiful and has some amazing things to offer. So, to save you time check out these places to visit. Moreover put them on your bucket list for Kerala India.

Kerala Backwaters

This is one of the most famous attractions this state has in store for tourists. It is a combination of over 900 kms of water bodies including lagoons, lakes and rivers. There are 37 of these backwaters and their ecosystem is worth learning about. The Arabian Sea’s water meets the rivers’ freshwater. As a result a certain type of dam called the ‘barrage’ is built in a Kerala village called ‘Thanneermukkom’. With this barrage, saltwater does not mix with the freshwater, which is essential for irrigation purposes. Here you can find animals such as frogs, crabs, turtles, kingfishers and much more. Spend a day at one of Kerala’s traditional houseboats called the ‘Kettuvallam’ to experience this.

Munnar Tea Plantation

Munnar is famous for its beautiful tea plantations. While tea is one of the most famous drinks around the world, especially in India, the best place to learn about its history in Munnar is through their Tea Museum. The Munnar Tea Museum is said to be the first and oldest tea museum to be built in India. You can camp in Munnar and go on a hike to the Phantom Rock. Apart from the stunning views from the top, you can have an inspirational walk through the verdant tea plantations to get there.

Periyar National Park

This park is famous as an elephant and tiger reserve. It opened in 1982. You can see many faunas here including many types of mammals like the Asian elephant, white tigers and jungle cat. For reptiles there are many snakes and lizards, amphibians like frogs, large species of birds and fish, and even insects like butterflies and moths. You can go to the park by boat or even hiking may be possible.

Kathakali Performance

This is something you shouldn’t miss when you are in Kerala India. Kathakali is the name for Kerala’s traditional dance which belongs to the genre ‘story play’. The performers of Kathakali use a lot of colourful makeup, masks and costumes.

Cheena Vala

This is the local name used in Kerala for Chinese fishing nets. This way of fishing is unique to just Kerala India. The nets are so huge with a minimum height of 10 meters, spreading across about 20 meters. Consequently six fishermen are needed to operate each of these nets.

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