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Holiday Houseboys

To have an individual tour, use a Holiday Houseboy, a private gay friendly tour guide. He will look after your safety and welfare at all times. Not only can he do day tours, but he can also do night tours. With a Holiday Houseboy, he can show you the latest bars and clubs, whilst at the same time making sure you are safe.


Phil has been a licensed tour guide since 2010. He has also been an inbound travel agent as an assistant sales and marketing manager. He graduated with a major in Hotel Management. Phil will gladly show you around the treasures of Bangkok or Chiang Mai in his air-conditioned car and produce an itinerary to your pleasing. His experience is unquestionable. However it is his pleasant personality that will really make your time special with Phil.

Phil is a non-smoker, and speaks fluent Thai, Laos and English, with also a basic knowledge of French and German.

Total cost for 1 full day (8 hours) with Phil = a non refundable deposit of USD 45 by Paypal or major credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express) PLUS 2500 Baht (approx. USD 72)  in cash to Phil after his services. Total cost without car is therefore approx. 117 US dollars. The cost of going by car is extra and varies depending upon the distance covered.

Alternatively Phil can also do a night tour for you, starting at 7.30 pm until 1 am (5 1/2 hours). This costs a non refundable deposit of USD35, and 1800 Baht (approx. USD 52) in cash to Phil after his services. Total approx. 87 US dollars.

This does not include transport, entrance fees or any food & beverage costs.


Phil was great! Booking through Holiday Houseboys couldn’t have been easier too. I actually booked the tour for my partner because it was his birthday and Phil truly took us on a whirlwind of a time.

He was knowledgeable about the different areas of Bangkok. One of them being Chinatown and all the street food. We had an amazing dinner, where he was surprised my partner with a birthday surprise. And finally took us on an evening jaunt to see a show.

All throughout he was able to explain points of interest, when they were built, translated with street vendors and explained the do’s and dont’s during the more sensitive portion of the tour. 10/10 would recommend Phil and/or booking through Holiday Houseboys for a personalized experience.” – Norman, USA.


Tawiwat is a guide with over 7 years experience. He is born and raised in the south of Thailand. His location was Bangkok for many years and he does guiding in the capital and also in Hua Hin, Ayutthaya, Kanchanaburi, Trat etc. He moved to Pattaya a few years ago and knows all about the nice and trendy beach clubs around Pattaya and Jomtien, although he does visit Bangkok on a regular basis. He can help you with bookings for the renowned theatres that made Pattaya ‘s nightlife so exciting. Tawiwat is a friendly and caring person who listens to your needs and always tries to makes your holiday in Thailand the very best. He is a very helpful guy. Guiding people and finding the best activities for them is what makes him proud.

Tawiwat is a non-smoker and speaks fluent Thai and English.

Total cost for 1 full day (8 hours) with Tawiwat = a non refundable deposit of USD 45 by Paypal or major credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express) PLUS USD 50 in cash to Tawiwat after his services. Total 95 US dollars.

Tawiwat can also do a night tour for you, starting at 7.30 pm until 1 am (5 1/2 hours). This costs a non refundable deposit of USD 30, PLUS USD 30 in cash to Tawiwat after his services. Total 60 US dollars.

This does not include any entrance fees, food & beverage or transport costs.

How To Book A Holiday Houseboy

To book any of our Holiday Houseboys please go to the enquiry form.

Or send an email to

Alternatively WhatsApp +94-76-630-1069.

Remember a Holiday Houseboy is your gay friendly tour guide who looks after your safety and welfare at all times.

Please note these are guide services and not sexual services.


Our other destinations in Thailand include Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Pattaya and Koh Samet.

Award Winning Gay Friendly Accommodation in Bangkok

Other gay friendly hotels close to Silom, the gay area, include SO Bangkok, Le Meridien, The Sukhothai, Malaysia Hotel and Pinnacle Lumpini.

Highlights of Bangkok

The heart of everything Thai. With over 8 million inhabitants, it dwarfs all other Thai cities in area and population. Basically, this city is where all the action is.

Secondly it is an international hub for transportation. But it is also famous for healthcare, arts, fashion and entertainment. Local people are religious and the number and importance they put on their temples is a testament to their Buddhist faith.

In contrast there is a notorious red light district and vivid night life for which this Thai city is famous. So on the one hand you have the spiritual side but on the other one you have one dedicated to fun. Besides if shopping is your weakness, then you will find loads of shopping opportunities here. So the night market in particular will be a major attraction for you.

Indeed you can buy anything from chopsticks to battery toys. Nonetheless it will be fun.

When it comes to sport, kick boxing reigns. A somewhat brutal sport where blows can be taken from a gloved hand or your feet. Only winners receive glory. Get tickets to see a match if that’s your thing.

Other things you can do are go on a canal trip, visit the Rose Garden or get a reasonably priced new suit made to measure.

Note that the heaviest rainfall takes place in May, September and October. Meanwhile average daily mean temperatures vary from 26.9 C (80.4 F) in December to 31.2C (88.2 F). It’s hot and humid.

As a result, plan accordingly to avoid the sun at midday but relax when the sun is down.

Gay Bangkok Guide

For information on gay venues, please check out our very own Gay Bangkok Guide.

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