Things To Do In Chisinau Moldova

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Things To Do In Chisinau Moldova


Chisinau, A typical Destination

There are many things to do in Chisinau. The capital of Moldova is an often overlooked destination. An atypical destination in that it is the least visited country of Europe, so you can get to appreciate its untouched authenticity and cultural diversity.

The first thing you will notice is its tranquility. Even in its historical centre. A stress free environment where locals are only too keen to help you. But don’t be fooled, there are plenty of things to do in Chisinau.

Explore On Foot

Plan to explore Chisinau on foot. The historical area is relatively small. Moreover the attractions are all close to each other which makes it ideal for a gentle walking tour. Certainly it is one of the best things to do to discover this city.

One of the first sights you have to see is the Central Park of Stefan the Great. A legendary Moldovan king from the 15th century, his glorious times are still celebrated today. Here you can see the Main Cathedral, the Arch of Triumph, several fountains and many other monuments. Each with their own story.

The Central boulevard is also called Stefan the Great. Here are the main administrative, commercial and cultural institutions of the country. All are there. If you feel peckish, have lunch at one of the big chain of national cuisine restaurants ”La Placinte”. In particular try the local ”zeama” and ”sarmale”, washed down with a glass of local ”Chisinau” beer.

With new energy take a look at the oldest part of Chisinau with its narrow quiet streets deepening into the atmosphere of a village.  All that architectural mix will provoke an interest in the history of these lands. So don’t hesitate to visit one of the National Museums, which will ”open” the country to you from a new perspective.

One of the other things to do in Chisinau is to take a walk along the shores of the fabulous city lake called ”Valea Morilor” . Enjoy the sunset and peacefulness of the area. A glass of a famous Moldovan wine in one of the restaurants nearby will be a nice ending to the day in the Moldovan capital.

Best to Discover Chisinau with A Local Gay Friendly Guide

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