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Three Reasons You Should Visit Madagascar

Three Reasons You Should Visit Madagascar Madagascar is an island country off the southeast coast of Africa. Known for its untouched natural beauty, humans have only lived here for about 1,300 years. Madagascar has a lot to offer visitors, but where should you start? Avenue of the Baobabs Baobabs are beautiful but unusual trees that can be found all around Madagascar. Known as the “Tree of Life,” they can live to be up to 2,500…
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Cambodia Welcomes Back Tourists

Cambodia Welcomes Back Tourists   For the first time since pandemic hit, Cambodia now welcomes back tourists. Even though the country has put strict requirements in place, such as hotel quarantine, it is now possible to revisit Cambodia as a tourist. Getting a Tourist Visa Online Cambodia has currently suspended the visa on arrival. Therefore you need a visa in advance. And we can assist with this. Simple click on the image on the left…
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Things To Do In Chisinau Moldova

  Chisinau, A typical Destination There are many things to do in Chisinau. The capital of Moldova is an often overlooked destination. An atypical destination in that it is the least visited country of Europe, so you can get to appreciate its untouched authenticity and cultural diversity. The first thing you will notice is its tranquility. Even in its historical centre. A stress free environment where locals are only too keen to help you. But…
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Mount Kilimanjaro Africa’s Tallest Mountain

Mount Kilimanjaro Africa’s Tallest Mountain At 5,895 metres tall, Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania isn’t just the tallest mountain in Africa. It’s also the tallest free standing mountain in the world, which means it’s the tallest mountain that isn’t part of a mountain range. It’s actually a volcano, and it has three cones. Two of the cones are extinct, but one could erupt again. Although it hasn’t erupted for 360,000 years. Mount Kilimanjaro is so tall…
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Istanbul – A unique destination that is back to life.

Istanbul – A unique destination that is back to life. As told by our Holiday Houseboy Antar What I missed most in the last two years was the view from Mimar Sinan Restaurant and rooftop café. I used to show visitors to the city the view from there as can see the Galata tower, which was right in front of us. Along with the Galata bridge, the Topkapi Palace Museum, the Hagia Sophia Grand Mosque,…
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